Mr. Burns, A Post-electric Play

Zero-Waste production of Anne Washburne’s Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.

Mammoth: A De-extinction Love Story

EN / Austin, TX premiere of Adam R. Burnett’s Mammoth: A De-extinction Love Story through the PPP Graduate Student Alliance. Casebook available May 2018. ES / Estreno en Austin, Tejas de la obra Mammoth: A De-extinction Love Story  del escritor Adam R. Burnett a través de la PPP Graduate Student Alliance. PT / Primeira representação na cidade de Austin, […]

The Floor is Yours

EN/ 2014-2015. A play, about environmental governance. A comedy, against despair. A piece of dramatic literature, to feel global politics as they happen and come to our own conclusions about how to change them. I wrote it for myself, mostly. And as my senior project as to finish up my education as a human ecologist. A hefty dose […]