khristián méndez aguirre

strange, engrossing performance for strange, engrossing times


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Luchadora!: Alvaro Saar Rios’ adaptation of Hua Mulan set in 1960’s Texas and in the world of Lucha Libre

Estado Vegetal: A fully bilingual production of Manuela Infante’s vegetative play, presented at a the Zilker Botanical Garden.

Year of the Tiger: An original script about the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, blending fact zooms and fictional felines.

Bog Butter: Cecelia Raker’s script about mothers, daughters, and all of herstory, set in an Irish peat bog.

Everybody: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ adaptation of Everyman, and an accompanying labor audit of our company’s collective efforts.

Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play: A production of Anne Washburn’s post-apocalyptic fiction with a zero-waste set, an upcycled wardrobe, and an inquiry into equitable rehearsal and production practices.

The Tempest: An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s text, set on a trendy coffee shop “La Isla Bonita” in early 2000’s gentrified East Austin.

Mammoth: Adam R. Burnett’s poetic paleo-fable about reviving what was lost, presented in front of a zero-waste screen.

Telephone: Ariana Reines’ adaptation of a book of continental philosophy about those black mirrors in our pockets. Performed in conjunction with the audiences’ cellphones.