My Ph.D. research is focused on the intersection between theater and environmental justice. The first artifact I have generated so far is an ongoing database of terminology that has been used over the last three decades to describe this practice. You can find it here.

My M.F.A. research was focused on the history, teaching, and practice of stage direction in the wake of the #meToo movement and the #weSeeYouWAT demands. One artifact I can share from that research is an ongoing, and messy, database of directing texts. You can find it here.

If either of these databases serve you and your work, please do reach out and let me know! I am working towards making them more and more accessible to practitioners.

Also, if you find these databases helpful and you have disposable income, feel free to buy me a coffee! Venmo: @agoodkhristian and PayPal:

Regardless, enjoy and I hope they are helpful!

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