Once your time comes, who will you get to bring along?

The time has come, “God” says, for Death to go forth and fetch Everybody so they can give an account of how they’ve lived their lives. But Everybody is terrified to go alone–who gets to come along with them in that final Journey?

Equal parts Christian Morality Play, 2017-soaked dialogue, and lottery draw, Everybody transports the audience into themselves and each other. In an effort to show the randomness of death, each performance you’ll be treated to a different arrangement of the cast (out of a possible 120 combinations). The Austin premiered of MacArthur Fellow Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Everybody has been crafted with Love, Evil, Hard Work, and it contains a reality too sharp for us to handle on our own.

Viewer discretion is advised, play contains violence, strong language, partial nudity, and long monologues.

October 25th, 7:00pm

October 26th, 7:00pm

October 27th, 2:00pm

October 31st, 7:00pm

November 1st, 7:00pm

November 2nd, 2:00pm

Admission by donation, suggested $5-$15. All proceeds go to cover production costs and small stipends for the company.


Jayla Ball

Kyle Cordova

Hugo Jaramillo

Jeffrey Gan

Gwenny Govea

Emily Green

Tess Jackson

Javi Rodriguez

Tori Schulze

Rachel Aston Warren


Michael Bruner

Delena Bradley

Stephanie Fisher

Tucker Goodman

James Parker


James Gillard

Mireya Luna

Khristián Méndez Aguirre

Jessica Peña


This event is produced with the support of the UT Austin Events and Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Board.

Presented by the PPP Graduate Student Alliance and the New Materialists.

The PPPGSA is the student-run arm of the Performance as Public Practice graduate program at UT Austin. We produce plays, conferences, performances, workshops, trainings, and guest artist visits in line with the research interests of the students in the program, all loosely focused around how performance can advance justice, engaged scholarship, and rigorous artistic practice. In the past few years, the PPPGSA has received funding from the Fine Arts Diversity Council, the UT Green Fund, the Texas Parents Association, the Graduate Student Assembly, and the Events and Entertainment Co-sponsorship Board. Our events are always free or by donation, and they foreground the development of new artists and scholars in Austin, TX.

The New Materialists is the name of a one-year experiment in design-driven collaboration between four graduate students at UT Austin: Delena Bradley, Stephanie Fisher, Tucker Goodman and Khristián Méndez. We are driven by generous and rigorous dramatic inquiry, an interest in investigating materials in live performance and fine art, and the limits of the live in the age of Netflix.

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