Mr. Burns, A Post-electric Play

→production team←

Alana Anthony, Stitcher
Kirk Baltzell, Backstage Crew
Natalie Broussard, Lighting Crew
Elizabeth Carr, Scenic Builder
Jazmyn A. Castillo, Asst. Stage Manager
Samantha Cole, Asst. Costume Desig ner
Chris Conard, Asst. Scenic Designer
Iman Corbani, Scenic Designer, Executive Producer
Kyle Cordova, 2nd Asst. Lighting Designer, Electrician
Aaron Curry, Production Electrician
Kendall Floyd, Percussionist
Samantha Gashette, Headdress Maker
Francesca Ghizzoni, Production Manager
Laura Gonzalez, Make-up
Guinevere Govea, Wardrobe Crew
Christine Gwillim, Community Engagement
Hsiao-wei Chen, Costume Support, Wardrobe Crew
Brandy Harris, Chorus Draper and Stitcher
David Hernandez, Technical Director
Helen Hetrick, Stage Manager
Aaron Kubacak, Costume Designer
Mikaela Kelarek, Audio Engineer, Sound Board Op
Juan Leyva, Process Photographer
Molly Martinez-Collins, Asst. PR and Marketing
Khristián Méndez Aguirre, Director, Exec.Producer
Adam Miller-Bateau, Fight Director
Al(aina) Monts, Music Director, Accordionist
Ashton Murphy, Lighting Crew
Julio Muñoz, Carpenter, Stage Hand
James W. Parker, Composer, Pianist, Sound Designer
Jessica L. Peña Torres, Movement Choreographer
Becky Phung, Upcycle Stitcher
Sophia Quiroga, Asst. Director , Executive Producer
Alan Retamozo, Guitarrist
Bill Rios, Asst. Lighting Designer
Roxanne Rohmann, Mask Maker, Act III draper
Jessi Rose, Upcycle Draper
Ariane Stier, PR and Marketing
Lindsey Thurston, Crafts Support
Taylor Travis, Properties Master
Ally Tufenkjian, Community Engagement / Asst.
Production Manager
Annie Ulrich, Act III Draper
Ann G. Wrightson, Lighting Designer
Audra Yokley, Intimacy Choreographer


Jayla Ball, Jenny, Marge 1, Bart 2
Alfred Chou, Sam, Troy McClure
Diana Guizado, Gunman, Apu, Itchy
Claire Hardwick, Colleen, Marge 2
Tanner Hudson, Gibson, Sideshow bob, Homer 2
Tess Jackson, Nelson, Scratchy
Brooks Laney, Matt, Homer 1, Mr. Burns
Audrey Loomis, Gunman, Edna Krabbapple
Mireya Luna, Maria, Bart 1, Lisa 2
Megan Todd, Flanders
Jill Young, Quincy, Lisa 1, Willy

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